National First Aid Champions!

For the first time ever, both our ‘A’ Team and Young Adult team placed first to become National Champions.

This year’s National First Aid Competition took place over the 22nd and 23rd of October at Holcombe Moor Cadet Training Centre, England. This intense competition involved both team and individual tests, ranging from seizures and strokes to chemical smoke inhalation. Taking part in this competition were two Dollar teams. Our ‘A’ Team was led by CSM Watson (Form VI) and consisted of RSM Douglas (Form VI), Sgt Pillans (Form V) and Cpl MacDougall (Form V). Competing in the Young Adult team were Beth Logan and Ellie Trace (both FP’s). We also took our support team Mr J Hughes, Inaya, Lottie, Rachel and Amy (all Form V).

The scenarios throughout the weekend were hugely varied and tested our skills in many different areas of first aid. However, after our hard work at many training sessions, the teams were prepared with both the knowledge and confidence that this competition required. The four-minute individual tests involved the treatment of casualties with medical conditions such as angina and asthma, but also included CPR on an unconscious casualty. Next came the team test where we had to deal with a campsite fire which left three casualties with extensive burns and breathing difficulties. After Saturday’s competition Dollar was awarded first place in the CCF National Competition, and both our teams progressed to the Inter Services Competition the following day.

At this point the competition became much more intense, with every team fighting for the top spot. The team test was even more complicated than the last, leaving us to deal with a car crash with two spinal injuries, an unconscious casualty and an open fracture, all whilst working in the pouring rain. This scenario really tested our team’s ability to react to high-pressure situations and think logically whilst treating our casualties.

When the final parade was brought to attention we all waited nervously for the results of the overall competition. For the first time ever both our ‘A’ Team and Young Adult team placed first to become National Champions, and were presented the winning shields by Honorary Colonel Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, who is best known for being the Deputy Chief Medical Officer throughout the recent Covid pandemic.

Overall the weekend was incredible successful for both teams, but a huge thanks goes to RSM Tracy Scott who taught us all the skills we know and encouraged us throughout the competition, allowing us to retain our title for the fifth year in a row.

Written by CSM Watson (Form VI)