Support for Learning

The Support for Learning Department aims to develop and support a pupil's learning wherever a need is encountered or any barrier to learning is identified.


The warm, friendly teachers in our Support for Learning department support our children’s learning and development with advice to colleagues, in-class support, team teaching, small group tuition and tailor-made individual programmes. This includes regular contact with parents and a special sensitivity to ensuring continuity of support during key transitional phases.

Close links are maintained with Heads of Year and Houseparents, to ensure that learning needs are communicated with all staff. Parents are invited to work in partnership with the department, contributing to Personal Learning Plans and review processes. Regular contact is encouraged at Parents’ Evenings throughout the academic year, as well as planned individual meetings as required. Support for Learning staff meet regularly at Departmental Meetings, liaising with a designated member of the Senior Staff Group.

Work is undertaken with individual pupils, groups and teaching staff, in order to promote a keen awareness of the individual’s responsibility for learning. A positive attitude towards personal accountability, promoting pupil involvement in setting targets for learning and self-evaluation is fostered. Pupils identify personal learning styles and preferences which help to plan their learning and studying more effectively.

The department works collaboratively with other professional agencies including Educational Psychologists, Optometrists, Therapists and Audiologists.