Dollar Equestrian Success at Scottish Schools Championships

19 Dollar Equestrian team members fared extremely well in both show jumping and dressage at Howe on 6th of March.

On Sunday March 6th, Dollar’s Equestrian teams headed to the Scottish Schools Equestrian Championships at Howe to compete in Dressage and Show Jumping.



In Dressage:

The Team achieved 1st in the Class 1 Dressage – Isla (FI) Genevieve (J2) and Annina (J2), with Genevieve gaining individual 2nd, Annina individual 4th, and Isla 5th.

In Class 2 Dressage, Ava (FII) achieved individual 1st and Annina individual 6th.

The Class 3 Dressage Team achieved 2nd, comprising of Charlotte (FV) Freya (FV) Beth (FIII) and Genevieve (J2) – with Genevieve gaining individual 6th.


In Show Jumping:

Class 5 – The 65cm team achieved 2nd, comprising of Francesca (FI), Genevieve (J2) and Annina (J2). Genevieve also gained individual 2nd, with Francesca gaining individual 5th.

Class 6 – The 75 cm team achieved 4th, comprising of Ava (FII), Izzy (FI), Ava (FI), Neve (F1), while the other team achieved 5th, comprising of Freya (FV), Beth (FIII), and Annina (J2).


Class 9 – The 1.05m team achieved 3rd, comprising of Anna (FVI), Maudie (FV) Molly (FIV) and Isla (FIV), with Anna achieving individual 4th.

Class 10 – Maudie (FV) achieved individual 1st in the 1.10m class, with Anna (FVI) achieving 5th.

A fantastic day of success for our equestrian teams!