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If your child is absent or will arrive late, you must contact the school.
If your child misses registration, they must sign the late book in the School Office. If they are off school, parents are required to contact the School Office on each day of absence.

A dedicated e-mail address not@dollaracademy.org.uk has been created for the purpose of reporting absences and is our preferred route, although a phone call is acceptable. If your child is returning after a serious illness or injury, they should also see the Nurse before they go to registration.

Term dates are published well in advance each year; you are therefore asked not to request early departure or late return arrangements for your child at the beginning or end of term. If it does become necessary, you should write to the Rector, or Mrs Morrison for Prep & Junior School pupils.


Sometimes, you might wish urgently to contact your son or daughter in school. To pass on a message, please telephone the school office, and indicate the level of urgency. In the Senior School, each pupil is looked after by a Year Head; in the Prep and Junior School, the class teacher is the first point of contact. Mrs Morrison may also be contacted on any matter affecting progress of a pupil in the Prep and Junior School.

It is likewise very important that you keep the school informed of changes in personal circumstances – address, emergency contact numbers, e-mail, medical details and so on.

Parents of boarders, when visiting the Academy, are invited to have a word with Houseparents. Parents should, however, enter the House only on the invitation of school staff.

If there is a change in your or your child’s contact details, please email rector@dollaracademy.org.uk.