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On 11 December at 8.30pm (HKT), we are inviting families from Hong Kong to attend a Virtual Open Evening to learn more about life at Dollar Academy in Scotland. 12 月11 日晚上8 時30 分, 我們誠邀香港家長參與由蘇格蘭Dollar Academy舉行的線上教育講座,了解更多關於當地學習環境及生活。

Register Here to Attend 立即登記參加Dollar Academy<蘇格蘭線上教育講座>

Set amongst the tranquil landscape of central Scotland, Dollar Academy’s Boarding Houses are home around 90 boys and girls from across the world aged 10-18. With the widest curriculum in Scotland and over 70 co-curricular activities to choose from, Dollar is a place where young minds thrive.

Dollar Academy 男女寄宿學校置身於風景如畫的蘇格蘭中部,吸引了約 90名來自世界各地、年齡介乎10至18歲的男女寄宿學生,學校提供全蘇格蘭最廣泛的學科及70多種課外活動,讓孩子能於Dollar Academy茁壯成長。

The Virtual Open Evening will allow you to meet our Rector, Mr Ian Munro, receive an overview of the Scottish education system and learn about living in Scotland. You will have the opportunity to find out more about life at Dollar Academy and hear from our Deputy Head Boy, who joined us as a boarder from Hong Kong aged 14, about his experience of studying and boarding here.

Dollar Academy主辦的<蘇格蘭線上教育講座>由校長Ian Munro 先生為大家介紹當地的生活及教育體系。除此之外,自14歲起開始在Dollar Academy寄宿、現已成為學校的副領袖生的香港學生屆時將跟大家分享在蘇格蘭學習的點滴及寄宿生活的難忘經歷。

There will be a Q&A section where you will be able to ask any questions you have in person, or via the chat messaging function.


To join us, please complete the form on this page. Any personal data Dollar Academy receives from this form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation. Data will be held securely and will not be retained by Dollar Academy for any longer than is necessary.

有興趣參與Dollar Academy <蘇格蘭線上教育講座>的朋友只需填妥此表格即可預留名額。所有收集得的個人資料均會按照英國1998年<資料保護法>(Data Protection Act 1998)及歐盟的《一般資料保護規則》(General Data Protection Regulation)處理,學校將確保用戶的個人隱私受到保障,不會保留相關資料超過必要的期限。

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our Boarding Registrar, Ms Elaine Gallagher.

如需更多資訊,請與Dollar Academy宿生登記負責人Elaine Gallagher女士聯絡。