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All new pupils should receive ParentPay activation letters on or around the day that they start at Dollar Academy. Once accounts have been activated, parents/carers will be able to log in to ParentPay and credit their child’s account to enable them to pay for their meals by means of the finger scanners in the Dining Hall. ParentPay accounts MUST be kept in credit and low balance email/text alerts can be set up on the system to remind parents to top up accounts, as required.

Low balance alerts can be set up within ParentPay as follows:

  1. Log in to ParentPay
  2. On the Home screen, scroll down to ‘Manage Alerts’
  3. Scroll to ‘Payment Items’ and locate the school lunch item
  4. Set the threshold to the desired amount

You can then tick the boxes to confirm your preferred method of communication. Note that email alerts are sent at no cost, however there may be a charge for opting to receive text alerts.

Please also note that if you have more than one child at the school, the above process will need to be repeated for each.

For additional guidance, please select the Help option within your ParentPay account and select ‘Communication’ for a tutorial video on how to set up alerts.

For any parents/carers who have not received an activation letter, please contact our Finance Manager, Claire Abel at, who will be able to assist in having a ParentPay account set up for your child(ren).