SPARX Maths at Dollar

Since August 2023, Our Maths Department has been providing homework using a program called SPARX Maths. Mrs Chamberlain explains how this has helped our pupil development below.

“Our Mathematics department has been harnessing the power of adaptive learning algorithms through their use of SPARX Maths to set homework for Forms I to IV. This unique platform takes our scheme of learning and uses an algorithm to adapt as pupils answer questions so that after approximately 100 responses it can generate a fully personalised homework both in terms of content and challenge for each pupil. Retrieval practice is automatically built into each piece of work and this level of personalisation means that it is realistic to expect each pupil to achieve 100% completion each week.

Parent feedback is automatically generated so that they can also support and monitor progress and content and as teachers we have a fascinating insight not only into the topics our students need greater support in, but also how they approach their work; we can see in real time when in the week in relation to the deadline they begin, how long it takes, whether they choose to watch the videos for help, and importantly, SPARX provides an automatic summary for each class once the deadline is passed enabling us to target support and challenge on particular questions which are relevant to that group.”

So far, our pupils have answered over 520,000 questions, and had over 4,500 hours of personalised learning.