Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week Dollar Academy took part in Mental Health Awareness Week by offering pupils and staff some 'down' time to relax and engage with calming mindful activities while considering ways to improve well-being.

The week began with Peer Mentors and Mental Health Ambassadors visiting registration classes and sharing their tips on how to get through stressful periods of life.

Each lunchtime a variety of activities were offered, and with this year’s theme being nature, all activities were loosely based around something in the natural world, from mindful colouring in the library with soothing music to meditation, clay owl making and origami tutorials; litter picking was a way to give back and leave the campus neat and tidy at the end of the week.

Pupils from Form I to Vi attended these sessions and found it a welcome distraction from the business of the term.  Form classes enjoyed the opportunity to find ways to help friends through difficult times, to accept everyone for who they are and to focus for a while on their own mental well-being.