Dyslexia Scotland Awareness Week: 1-7 November 2023

We will be running a range of events across the school this year to raise awareness of Dyslexia Scotland Awareness Week.

This year, Dyslexia Scotland will be launching a special survey, to ‘take the temperature’ of what life is like for people with dyslexia in Scotland. The survey, designed in partnership with the University of Glasgow, will look at different critical areas of life such as identification, support and mental well-being. This is key part of Dyslexia Scotland’s strategic plan 2022 – 2025 towards a dyslexia-friendly Scotland.


There are a range of online events available to book at Dyslexia Scotland:

Author Event for 8-12 Year Olds – online on 1/11 at 6.30 pm (tickets have to be booked in advance)
An Evening with Hamza Yassin – in Stirling on 2/11 at 6.30 pm (tickets have to be booked in advance)
Shedding a Light on Dyslexia:  a Doctor and a Lawyer with Dyslexia – online on 7/11 at 7pm (tickets have to be booked in advance)
Dyslexia and the Classroom for Teachers – online 4/11 at 10 am (tickets have to be booked in advance)

Please show your support by wearing an Ellie’s Blue Dyslexia Ribbon, which can be collected from the School Office.