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Uniform Policy - General Appearance


  • You should wear correct school uniform on all school occasions, with shirt tails tucked in, ties fully done up and top buttons fastened.
  • Blazers should be worn to and from school and when walking around the campus.
  • A navy-blue V neck jumper, navy cardigan or Dollar mid-layer can be worn when the weather turns colder: no hoodies or fleeces. Whatever is worn under the shirt or blouse should not draw attention to itself.
  • Kilts should be knee length.
  • Jewellery (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and nose rings) is not permitted and pupils will be asked to remove them or have them confiscated. If you wish to have your ears pierced, you should arrange this at a time in the year which will not require you to wear studs (covered or otherwise) to school.
  • Excessive make-up and coloured nail-varnish/false/acrylic nails or false eyelashes are not permitted.
  • You may wear badges related only to school achievements.
  • Hair should be clean and tidy, and all styles that are extreme or that draw undue attention to themselves should be avoided.
  • Boys should be clean-shaven.
  • The rules on appearance are in operation at all times when uniform is being worn, and thus do not change after 3.25pm, at weekends, on school trips or during examination study leave.
  • If you are involved in an activity like skiing or a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition, you will be advised by the member of staff in charge as to correct clothing. Pupils walking to school are advised to wear clothing with reflective and/or high visibility areas attached


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