Travel Scholarships

There is a variety of support available to allow our pupils to undertake voluntary work to apply the principles they’ve learned here at Dollar. One of the best ways to create resilience in our pupils is to give them the opportunity to help others.

The Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust

We’re big believers in the value that seeing the world from a new perspective brings, and the Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Established by John B Cameron CBE, former Dollar Academy Chair of Governors and Former Pupil and his wife Margaret Cameron MBE, this Endowment Trust offers funding to allow pupils the chance to travel abroad on a trip of at least four weeks (and up to six months) centred around volunteering.

For more information please visit their website or contact Miss Langley.

Chapman/Buist Travel Scholarships

This scholarship, available to Form VI pupils with a vision to help make the world a better place, supports travel in one or more developing countries during a gap year. This is a huge opportunity to learn first hand from other cultures about their way of life – something which many never have the chance to experience.

Applicants should submit an essay that addresses the question “How does travel help to make me a better citizen of the world?” and also provide a formal letter detailing plans of how the award will be spent. Submissions should be made to Miss Langley.

The William Dick Brown Travel Prize Trust

For pupils with that burning desire to do more for the world around them and find out more about themselves in the process, the William Dick Brown Travel Prize Trust is perfect. Founded in memory of its namesake by his widow and three sons (all Former Pupils), the trust offers generous funding for pupils to travel abroad and carry out a personal project of their own creation. This project can be related to any field of study, sport or recreation.

Applications are open to Dollar Academy pupils completing either Form V or VI.  

Get in touch with Miss Langley for more information on how to apply, the judging criteria and previous project details.