Pipe Band

From beginners to world champions (2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014), Dollar is probably the number one school in the world at which to learn piping and drumming.

Dollar Academy

With over 160 pupils involved and the opportunity to compete at all levels, the Pipe Band is a highly popular activity. Pupils can get involved from Prep 3 onwards and continue throughout their time here at the school. In addition to taking part in numerous competitions, the Pipe Band is often invited to play at prestigious events held both at home and abroad, including recently at Holyrood Palace, at the Basel Tattoo and on St Andrew’s Day in Sri Lanka.

The spectacle of the Pipe Band practising on the school lawns is something to behold – even when it takes place every morning, as it does during the summer term. The sight and sound of those dressed in the instantly recognisable McNabb tartan and their high standard of performance is something that has become synonymous with the school.

We teach piping in five tiers. Beginners start on the chanter, followed by junior band, quartets, senior bands and finally solo pipers. Drumming (tenor, side and bass) is taught in three tiers, beginners, juniors and seniors.

Dollar Academy

Piping and Drumming Programme

To find out more about Piping and Drumming at Dollar, please download the programme below.