Other Cultural Activities

We believe that developing a well-rounded set of cultural sensibilities enriches the lives of our pupils in so many different ways: as a source of inspiration, intellectual growth and way to find meaningful, lifelong relationships with others to name but a few.


Dollar prides itself on offering such a wide range of extracurricular activities – and cultural interests are especially well catered for. From guitar building to Japanese, coding to journalism – there are a huge number of options for pupils to choose from.

  • Amnesty International

    If you are seeking to expand your horizons and grasp of current affairs, Amnesty International Youth Group is just what you have been looking for!  The club is held on a Monday after school and open to pupils in Form I-VI.

  • Animation

    Animation club explores simple stop frame animation moving into using Procreate on iPads, with some other techniques. The club is open to all pupils in Form I & II, and takes place after school on a Thursday.

  • Bee-Keeping

    Dollar Bee Keeping club has established an apiary with the grounds of the school in which we maintain a colony of native Scottish black bees. Pupils learn all about bees and how to care for them and a central role in caring for the bees throughout the year. The club is open to all pupils in the Senior School.

  • Board Games

    Don’t get bored at Board Games Club! Here you have the opportunity to choose from up to 100 classic board games such as snakes and ladders, draughts, ludo as well as any number of card games. A perfect way to keep your mind active and be sociable over lunch. Runs in Term 1 & 2 only.

  • Boarders Cookery Club

    We offer our boarding  pupils the opportunity to attend evening cookery classes during the winter term.  Pupils learn new practical skills and build on their existing knowledge to create healthy, nutritional dishes.

  • Book Club

    The six book clubs in the school cover a wide range of ages and interests.  The visiting author programme brings in further inspiration, as does our beautiful library.

  • Chess

    This activity is open to pupils of every age group, from Prep to Form VI.   Chess Club allows our pupils to challenge their minds in a social game with friends, or pit their wits against on-line chess programs.  Coaching is provided for beginners, and the more experienced players are encouraged to put themselves forward for team selection and the opportunity to represent the school at national events.

  • Christian Union

    An informal meeting open to all Senior School pupils whether they have a Christian faith or are interested in asking questions or finding out more.  Pupils are able to discuss issues and share their thoughts in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere as well as encourage each other in their faith.  Tea, coffee and cakes/biscuits are provided.

  • Computing

    Open to all pupils in the Senior School, the aim of this club is to foster skills and an interest in computing technologies in an informal setting. Members will be given the opportunity to become involved in a range of practical projects. Possible projects include learning a new programming language, designing and developing a website, and developing an entry for the annual PA Raspberry Pi Competition. In some instances, these projects qualify for the DofE Skills section. Pupils may also use Computer Club time to catch up with some practical IT tasks.

  • Creative Writing

    The Creative Writing Club is open to all boys and girls in Forms IV and V who are looking for further inspiration, practice and feedback in their development as writers. Meetings will take place on a fortnightly basis. Pupils should come ready to share their ambitions, aspirations and their writing! We also plan to invite guest speakers: visiting authors, journalists, poets, academics in the field of writing, etc.

  • Debating

    Lively debates encourage pupils from all Senior School year groups to compete throughout the year, learning key debating skills, including how to deconstruct a motion, undertake research, structure argument and speak persuasively. We also participate in inter-school competitions and “short prep” university competitions all over Scotland. In recent years, Dollar debating teams have won numerous national debating trophies and have provided competitive debaters for the Scottish national team.

  • Diversity Action

    Help the school celebrate difference and variety by joining the Diversity Action Group. Each term we will focus on events and awareness days such as Black History Month, Holocaust Memorial Month and LGBT History Month to make sure that everyone sees themselves in the school. Based around the Equalities Act, we ensure that each pupil is included and celebrated.

    We are always looking for pupils who can lead on project and have good ideas. A great way to develop your understanding of equalities law and gain experience in leadership and event management. Participation counts as a volunteering activity for DofE and is desirable for UCAS applications and CVs.


  • Dungeons & Dragons

    For pupils that have at least a passing interest in tabletop roleplaying, DnD club is often filled with laughter and smiles as the players find themselves in increasingly ridiculous situations, but for those who want a serious and gritty adventure we’d all be happy to supply that too. You will fight dragons, conquer mountains and befriend trolls – its YOU who decides your fate. DnD inspires creativity and ingenuity so don’t pass up the opportunity to slay your foes, find the treasure or build a city. It is your adventure.


  • Esports

    For Teams/Players looking to compete in the British Esports Student Champs. Practise sessions will run during lunchtimes (exact days for each game to be specified at a later date).

  • Film Club - Form I

    The Form I Film Club is ideal for those pupils who feel passionately about film and who would love the opportunity to not just watch a range of films – from mainstream movies to obscure classics, and everything in-between – but also to discuss and maybe even write about the films they love (or hate) as well.

    “Film screenings increase pupils’ cultural awareness… Discussing and reviewing films helps their skills in analysis, literacy and communication… in partnership with their friends in a fun and inclusive environment.” (www.filmclub.org)

  • Form VI Economics Society

    This club provides an opportunity for Form VI pupils with an interest in Economics to come and discuss current Economic issues. Activities will include weekly discussions and preparation for an internal Interest Rate Challenge with teams competing to create the best monetary policy plan for the Bank of Dollar. This is ideal for pupils studying Advanced Higher Economics, pupils applying for Economics or a related degree at university or any other pupil with a keen interest in Economics.

  • German

    German Club takes place on a Tuesday lunchtime and is open to all pupils in Form I & II.

  • Guitar Building

    This club provides senior school pupils from Forms III to VI with an opportunity to expand their interest in the electric guitar/bass through designing and manufacturing their own instruments.

    A wide range of workshop skills will be developed over the course of the build and with patience and perseverance it is possible to build an instrument that is unique and maybe even better than an “off the shelf” model.

  • Japanese

    Japanese club is open to all those in the senior school with a curiosity for anything Japanese, or indeed the simple desire to open their minds and learn more about a very different culture. Our programme is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern which we aim to tailor to the specific individual interests of attendees. So, whether your interests are architecture or anime, culture or cuisine, manga or the meiji era, we will have something for you!

  • Journalism

    ‘The Galley’ is our pupil magazine. The magazine features five different sections, each with its own Section Editor: News and  Politics, Views, Features, Entertainment and Sport. There are opportunities for pupils to develop their skills in desktop publishing, journalistic writing and in taking on editorial positions of responsibility.

  • Maakin & Yakkin

    Did you know that knitting reduces stress, has the same benefits as meditation, can give you a sense of achievement, improves motor skills and can improve cognitive function? Would you like to learn a new skill (perhaps for Duke of Edinburgh award) or practice an existing one? All pupils in the Senior School are welcome to come along and join the Maakin and Yakkin group – some ideas include, knitting poppies for Remembrance Day and hats for premature babies in hospital as well as working on personal projects. Personal kit/equipment needed but advice will be given.

  • Myths and Glyphs

    A classics club for all senior year groups to discuss myths from the ancient world.

  • National 5 Practical Electronics

    This afterschool activity helps pupils to develop practical skills in electronics whilst working towards achieving the N5 course. Members will develop their practical skills and knowledge and learn how to solve a range of electronics problems. For those studying Engineering Science, it builds on the knowledge gained during class time.

  • Philosophy

    An informal, relaxed group where the most important questions facing us all can be talked through and debated: Is there a God? Do we have free will? What is it to be good? Can we have certain knowledge? No stone is left unturned by the Philosophy Society.

  • Photography

    Pupils from Form I-III are welcome to attend Photography Club and learn how to use DSLR cameras as well as editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Learning a skill such as photography can be confidence-building and improve overall technological understanding, as well as potentially leading towards a course within the Art department such as Higher Photography.

    Whilst the sessions would be tailored to the interests of the pupils involved, possible types of photography to be explored could include wildlife, astrophotography, landscape, architecture, and so on.

  • Politics & International Relations Society

    This weekly discussion club will unpick current news stories and events. Pupils will be able to discuss and debate key issues and individuals making the news. This club is ideal for any pupil interested in finding out a bit more about the world in which they live. It is also ideal preparation for developing political literacy, an understanding of international relations and domestic political affairs. This club is open to pupils in Form I-VI and will provide a solid grounding for those intending on applying to top Russell Group universities.

  • Queer Inclusive (QI)

    A friendly club for members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community to eat lunch and chat. Pupils should bring their lunch and be mindful to clear up after.


  • Quiz Club

    A general knowledge quiz team open to all pupils in Form I-VI.

  • Ritangle - Maths Competition

    This is a weekly competition which runs from October to December. It is suitable for students doing Higher/AH Mathematics who would like to be stretched and may also be suitable for a few of our Form IV (by invitation). In the weeks before it launches we will practice questions from previous years.

  • Robotics

    This club will allow you to explore different aspects of robotics. By creating robots using a variety of systems such as Micro:bit and VEX Robotics you will get the chance to create different robotic mechanisms, with the potential to compete in a variety of competitions. The club is open to all pupils from Form II upwards.

  • Rummikub

    Rummikub is a tile-based game, combining elements of the card game Rummy and mahjong. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, test your problem solving abilities and have fun! The club is open to all pupils in the Senior School.

  • School Magazine

    Our award-winning school magazine, The Galley, offers pupils the opportunity to develop their skills in desktop publishing, journalistic writing and in taking on editorial positions of responsibility.   There are five different sections of the magazine each with its own Section Editor: News and Politics, Views, Features, Entertainment and Sport.  Pupils from Forms I to VI are welcome.

  • Shorthand Training

    This training would be extremely beneficial for any  pupil wishing to pursue a career in journalism. All pupils will also gain the ability to take notes quickly (also useful for  university). Members will  learn the basic rules before being tested on their ability to write at 50, 60, 70 etc. words per minute.

  • SIEC Young Pathfinders

    The Young Pathfinder’s Programme of activities and events has been developed to support pupils to meet the following five programme aims / learning outcomes:
    – Development of environmental awareness.
    – Development of green skills and knowledge of green career and tertiary education pathways.
    – Development of knowledge of regional green entrepreneurship and enterprise pathways.
    – Development of employable enterprise skills, including teamworking, leadership, communication, and creative problem solving.
    – Application and demonstration of the above skills and knowledge through end-of programme real-world group projects.

  • Sixth Form Year Book

    In their final year at Dollar Academy, Form VI pupils have the opportunity to join a committee whose aim is to produce a Yearbook and to raise funds towards the cost of its publication.  This requires serious commitment from a variety of people and calls for skills in editing, design and fundraising plus the formidable task of motivating a whole year group to write articles, hand over photographs and meet deadlines. As well as running a school Band Night, selling candy canes and dressing up regularly, the committee work tirelessly throughout the year to create a colourful and distinctive book which will be treasured by pupils for years to come.

  • Sustainable and Active Travel Group

    Worried about climate change? Keen to see travel to school become greener? Come along and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint from school travel. Taking part could contribute to the volunteering activity of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

  • Warhammer/Games Paining

    This club has been devised in response to pupil interest in painting Warhammer fantasy figures. Pupils will learn the techniques required to paint miniature fantasy figures in detail and gain experience in the use of inks and varnishes to enhance their models.

    Further into the course, there may be an opportunity to build dioramas for the figures and miniature sets. Further details from Mr Muirhead (Art & Design)

  • Young Enterprise

    The Young Enterprise Scotland is a registered charity which offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain real business experience by setting up and running their own company.

    We encourage our Form VI to form their own Young Enterprise Business and participate in this  national  programme, which develops entrepreneurship,  employability skills and empowerment to unite young people around the common goal of reaching their full potential.

    The pupils are supported by a dedicated business mentor who supports the running of the business with advice and guidance.