As one of the principal sports here at Dollar, our cricket facilities are well resourced for any pupil looking for an introduction to the sport or to build on their existing skills.Dollar places a premium on the value of team games and, as well as being enjoyable, cricket teaches positive virtues such as teamwork, performing under pressure, and sportsmanship.


Boys and girls who are keen cricketers are welcome to make the most of our first-class facilities and excellent coaching. They can get involved in competitive or recreational play at any point in their time here, from Junior 1 all the way up to Form VI.

Matches take place in the summer term, but there is year-round activity with high-quality individualised coaching through the winter, pre-season training, and trips abroad. Coaching can be highly technical, utilising video analysis and a range of teaching tools.

Several of our pupils have gone on to success at national level and in 2018 Dollar Academy were national champions at both U18 and U15 level. We repeated the success at U18 level in 2019.
Each year, Dollar hosts fixtures against strong touring teams, including the MCC and the XL Club.

Recently Dollar entered a new partnership with Cricket Scotland becoming the National training centre for U15, U17 and U19 Boys and Girls national teams. This is a huge opportunity to keep advancing cricket at Dollar in the coming years.

For more information on this partnership and cricket at Dollar, please contact Mr Pollock in the PE Department.