For those pupils looking to satisfy their creative flair or explore their artistic side, there’s a whole host of art-related activities available to take part in.

Dollar Academy

Self expression forms a large part of how pupils develop into well-rounded individuals – that’s why we have a large and varied range of activities that offer pupils the chance to practise their favourite artistic discipline, or even discover a new one.

Each week we hold Art Clubs for pupils in the Junior School and Form I and II, who are welcome to come along and work on any project of their choosing, or even spend some extra time on a class project. Pupils in Forms V and VI can use a range of media to try their hand at mastering figure drawing in our class held every Thursday lunchtime. Alternatively, for budding artists keen to learn the basics of illustration, there’s our Sketch Book class. Always fun and relaxed, everyone’s welcome to join this session which takes place over Wednesday lunchtimes.

The creative voice isn’t limited to painting and illustration of course – that’s why we hold a selection of speciality classes that focus on particular artistic disciplines. Senior School pupils can learn fundamental photographic techniques, how to use state-of-the-art digital SLR equipment and get to grips with image editing software by joining our Photography Club. It even covers 35mm film (we have our own fully-equipped darkroom), stop-motion animation and video. Our ceramic studios and full-time Ceramic Consultant are fantastic assets for any Senior School pupils looking for something more ‘hands on’. Or perhaps the Craft Club, which teaches traditional techniques as well as more modern technology such as CAD and CAM? Younger members of the school can develop their fabric skills at the Fabric Lunch Club, while pupils from Forms II to FVI can make their own items in the Jewellery Making Club. We even have a Knitting Club that’s open to Junior School pupils.

We’re delighted that the artistic talent of our pupils is often recognised in national competitions such as The National Galleries’ and Royal Scottish Academy’s annual school competitions.